10 Interesting Themed Cafes in Seoul

10 Interesting Themed Cafes in Seoul

People first squeal in excitement over the affordable shopping or snuggly weather after booking their tickets to Korea. The strong cafe culture in Seoul often slip off their minds and it is only until the last few days that they are left with limited time to sift out the best in the labyrinth of unique cafes.

Seoul is known for its theme cafes. In just one neighbourhood of shopping and sightseeing, you can expect to be spoilt for choices among the varying cafes.

A good cafe hopping experience may vary. To some, it may be finding the best extracted coffee from their favourite blend, caramelised with a layer of well frothed warm milk; and to others, it is the ambience that completes their experience.

We have come up with this list to better facilitate your cafe hopping adventures in Seoul:

Thanks Nature Cafe
Thanks nature cafe

Photo credit: Squareunion

Most suitable for: Farm animal lovers

More commonly known as ‘The Sheep Cafe’ by the public, this is a coffee joint run by a hearty korean man and his two fluffy white sheep. Yes, you can expect two sheep within the cafe premises and even touch and feed them at scheduled timings.

The theme of the cafe revolves around nature. Trees and potted plants are placed all around the shop, and little sheep figurines can be spotted too. Thanks Nature Cafe is tucked at the basement of a building near Hongik University, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Address: 486 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Nearest train station: Myeongdong station

Bau House Dog Cafe
Bau House Dog Cafe Photo Credit: bittenbythetravelbug.com

Bau House Dog Cafe
Photo Credit: bittenbythetravelbug.com

Most suitable for: Canine owners

For those who are worrying about animal stench, the cafe is clean and good-smelling. Also, if you are still worrying about the well-being of the dogs, they are well-treated and taken care of by the visitors and staff.

There are a dozen breed of dogs you can play with. From the ever-loving Golden Retriever, fit Labrador to classic Beagle. Dog owners who want to expand your dogs’ social circle, don’t hesitate to bring them here and make new friends.

There is no entrance fees, however, you will need to order at least one beverage.

You can learn more about this cafe from this post from bittenbythetravelbug.com

Address: Jeil Building, 1F, 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Nearest Station: Hapjeong Station

Princess Diary Cafe
Photo credit: Fallinginlight

Photo credit: Fallinginlight

Most suitable for: Role playing

Where else can you get all dressed up before sipping your cup of tea and munch on the pastries? Conveniently located near Ewha Women’s University, Princess Diary Cafe rents out dresses that costs from 10000 to 40000 korean won so you could live your childhood dream as a princess. There are a variety of dresses that you can choose from, white wedding dresses or even traditional korean hanboks. The staffs will complete your look by fixing your hair and make up.

Address: Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Nearest station: Ewha Women’s University Station

Miss Lee Cafe
Photo credit: Sleepwalkingintokyo

Photo credit: Sleepwalkingintokyo

Most suitable for: Reminiscing school days

If you are a fan of “We Got Married” reality show, you will be familiar with this cafe that ‘Yongseo’ Couple goes to.

The theme of the cafe hinges on old school canteen, featuring a young female student. When you first enter the cafe, it is as if you are back in a school canteen, with the walls, windows, and tables are covered with wishing notes.

The cafe specialises in traditional korean food and is famous for its ‘bibimpap’ in metal lunch box. Also, they offer free refills for any drink selection.

Address: Star Miss Lee Cafe Season 3 Myeongdong Seoul Jung-gu 199, 12 Floor

Nearest Station: Myeongdong station

Raintree Cafe
Photo credit: Headhigheartstrong

Photo credit: Headhigheartstrong

Most suitable for: Travellers

You can either stay cosy on the cushioned chairs or snuggle up with your friends on the mats and pillows on the floor as you get inspired for your next trip from the world maps and pictures plastered all around the shop.

This cafe acts as a place for escapism from reality as the theme of the cafe is centered on travel, and even the menu is categorised according to their country of origins. You can also have your privacy with the thin drapes separating you from your neighbours.

Club Espresso
Photo credit: Foreignerjoy

Photo credit: Foreignerjoy

Most suitable for: Coffee connoisseur

Located in northern Seoul, away from the hustle of the city, is Club Espresso. This coffee joint has been around since 1990 and its pioneership can be seen from its bare wood furnishing.

More than just a place to get your caffeine fix, it promises a coffee experience with a dedicated cupping room. Roasting 22 types of single origin beans, the aroma will inevitably lead you to the shop.

Address: Jongno-gu, Buam-dong 257-1

Nearest station: Gyungbokgung Station

Vert et Blanc
Photo credit: Lacrymamosa

Photo credit: Lacrymamosa

Most suitable for: Workaholics

Vert et Blanc is a three-storey cafe with both indoor seating and Alfresco, if weather permits. Adorned with simple furnishing and a tinge of homeliness, visitors get acquainted and comfortable in this place instantly.

Apart from a relaxing afternoon in this laid-back atmosphere, you can also get work done here from the natural light coming through the window and the trees outside peeking through.

What more to expect when you have above-average food with in this top-notch location?

Address: 50-1 Seogangdong, Seoul 121-828

Nearest station: Sangsu Station

Ikovox Coffee
Photo credit: mydestination

Photo credit: mydestination

Most suitable for: Espresso drinkers

This is the place to go if you are an espresso connoisseur. The cafe is subtly tucked at the bottom of the busy streets of Itaewon and is definitely a great space to stop by amidst all the shopping.

Ikovox Coffee roasts its own beans and hence you can expect a richer and smoother taste for your cuppa.

Address: 118-71 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Nearest station: Itaewon station

Chloris Tea Garden
Photo credit: Lacrymamosa

Photo credit: Lacrymamosa

Most suitable for: Old English high tea

An old school english high tea setting. You will lose yourself in it. Simple and sincere. Offers a proud range of flavoured teas, and pastries. Big cushioned chairs that look right out from ‘Three Little Bears and Goldilocks’.

In less than 100 metres away, sister shop Chloris Salon de The. A mix of culture – Chinese and English. Stepping back to the early 20th century. Wide selection of tea served in chinese cutleries.

Nearest station: Sinchon University Station

Agreable Flowers & Cafe
Photo credit: igbox

Photo credit: igbox

Most suitable for: Natural setting

Like the name suggests, you can find flowers in this cafe. If you ever dreamt of having tea in a garden or being a botanist, this cafe is made for you. You will find flowers blooming from every single corner of the cafe.

In this cafe you can witness natural elements infused into modern furnishing.

Address: 110 Yeoksam-Dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul

Nearest station: Express Bus Terminal Station


Featured Image Photo Credit: Neverendingfootsteps


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