13 must-visit spots around Taipei City you should never miss

13 must-visit spots around Taipei City you should never miss

Taipei is a popular travel destination, indisputably, but have you gone beyond the labyrinth of high-rise buildings and gridlocks of night markets? With a strong Chinese and Japanese influence, and a tinge of Western flavour, this cosmopolitan city is friendly and easily adapted to for all travellers.

While the food scene and prominent skyscrapers need no further introduction, the cultural and natural attractions near Taipei City are relatively unexplored, though increasingly sought after in the recent years. Do read on for our picks on the top things and activities to do in Taipei!

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Mountain lovers:

1. Yang Ming Shan
yang ming shan

Photo credit: runsingapore

Dotted with natural hot springs and adventurous trials, Yang Ming Shan makes a good day trip for city dwellers. With no lack of individual pit stops within the mountain – from a volcanic vent to Calla Lilies Farm and even a massive flower clock – locals also throng this national park every spring to catch the cherry blossoms.

If you’re feeling a little more relaxed, fret not, as there are shuttle buses that run through from morning to 5pm in the evening.

Getting There:

Bus 260 from Taipei City brings you directly to Yang Ming Shan.

Taipei Railway Station North Bus Station, Taipei Main Station Exit Y6.

Internal Shuttle Bus 108.

2. Keelung mountain
keelung mountain

Photo credit: vestigesoftime

Standing at a modest 588 metres above sea level, Keelung Mountain is best known for the three views it offers – a pregnant lady, birdcage, and King Kong. Keelung Mountain is an extinct volcano; so you can take a 45 minutes hike to the top to get an unparalleled panoramic view of the Northern Taiwan’s coastline. For free!

This is one of the best spots to catch the dramatic sunset.

Getting There:

Walking distance from Jiufen Old Street

3. Teapot mountain
tea pot mountain

Photo credit: everygirleverywhere

Also within the northern territory of Taiwan and a stone’s throw away from Jiufen Old Street, Teapot Mountain can be easily reached from Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park. The start of the trail is within the Museum.

As its name suggests, the sporadic sulphuric steam coming out from the mountain has an uncanny resemblance to a teapot.

Getting There:

Take the train heading towards Hualien and alight at Ruifang Station. Hop on the Keelung bus directly opposite Ruifang Train Station

4. Elephant mountain


If you want the best cityscape of Taipei City, with iconic Taipei 101 within the backdrop, you’ll have to hike to the top of Elephant Mountain. What’s more when the hike only take around a mere 40 minutes?

Getting There:

Exit 2 from Xiangshan Station

5. Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark

The rocky landscape of Yehliu Geopark is one of the greatest natural wonders of Taiwan. Yehliu Geopark is renowned for its sea-erosion landscape, with most of its rock formations along the coastline.

Yehliu is a cape of approximately 1700 metres long and this park is divided into three sections. Some of the more commonly pointed out rock formations are the Queen’s Head, Dragon Head, and the Candle. Well, you can add in your own creativity and spot new ones too!

Getting There:

From Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A, purchase a direct bus ticket from the KuoKuang window.

Aquatic seekers:

6. Golden waterfall

Golden Waterfall is located at Jinguashi township in Taipei country.

This area in Taiwan was historically known for its gold and copper mines. Like the name suggests, Golden Waterfall does resembles liquid gold flowing down the rocky limestone under the blazing sun.

Although the gold mines have ceased its operations, the rainwater that seeped into these mines has washed out the deposits, resulting in a chemical reaction that forms the Golden Waterfall.

Getting There:

Bus 788 from Keelung or Bus 886 from Ruifang

7. Yin yang Sea

Photo credit: vestigesoftime

As if a Golden Waterfall is not enough to awe us, Mother Nature has created another natural phenomenon – the Yin Yang Sea.

Located at the foot of Golden Waterfall, the contrasting golden yellow at the shoreline against the allure blue from the boundless sea is a natural runoff of iron from a nearby plant.

8. Baishawan

Photo credit: thesurteesintaiwan

Baishawan is a free public beach located at the most northern tip of Taiwan, jostled between Lianshanbi and Cape Fukei. Though it stretches for a humble 1.3 kilometres, this untouched beach is a hidden gem and replicates a private getaway.

Getting There:

From Tamsui Station, take Bus 622, 623, 1261, 1262, 1263 and drop off at Baishawan stop.

Historical travellers:

9. Sanxia 

Photo credit: geolocation

Sanxia is a traditional, suburban district in New Taipei City and is famous for its Sanxia Old Street – thronged with both locals and tourists. To better understand the culture of this place, visit Qingshui Zushi for its classical temple arts.

The architecture in Sanxia differs greatly from the rest of Taiwan – for its economic important during the Japanese Occupation. It is well preserved and you can talk a walk back into colonial Taiwan.

Getting There:

Bus 705 or 706 from Yongning Station

10. Wulai aboriginal village


Wulai is home to the Atayal tribe, and here, you can observe their traditional dances and rituals; what’s more when you can join in the dancing and be part of this cultural show? This is the closest aboriginal village to Taipei and a great place to learn about the indigenous culture of Taiwan before Han Chinese culture takes precedence.

wulai waterfall

Wulai is a famous mountain village located in the north of Taipei City and is located in a water reservation area. So don’t expect anything less than a majestic waterfall standing at 80 metres welcoming you!

Getting There:

From Xindian Station, take Bus 849 from Bus Stop B

Urban dwellers:

11. Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf

Danshui wharf

During its heyday, Danshui District used to be a prominent fishing harbour. However, Danshui has not lost that function totally, and you can feast on the freshest seafood here!

With its emerging presence among the younger generation in recent years, you can even hop on one of the many party boats and merry-make your night away. If you’re more of a mellow romantic, head over to the illuminating bridge during sunset.

Getting There:

From Tamsui Station, take Bus 26, 836 or 857 towards Fisherman’s Wharf

12. Zhishan Garden
Zhishan garden

Photo credit: wikimedia

Taipei City never fails to amaze with strategically located hideouts. Nestled in the heart of Taipei City is Zhishan Garden and is hailed as everyone’s favourite. Zhishan Gardens offers more than a shade during blistering summer, with a wide variety of hikes on wooden broad walks and even dirt trails.

Getting There:

Zhishan Station

13. Jiufen


When Jiufen is mentioned, many would think of the little quaint houses scattered along the mountain, forming a community that is now known as Jiufen Old Street. Famous for the tea sessions perched on the mountain, overlooking the sea, there are a few other good eats that visitors should never miss out on.

Handmade fishball Vermicelli

handmade fishball jiufen

Photo credit: vestigesoftime

Filtered Coffee

filtered coffee jiufen

Photo credit: vestigesoftime

Ah Ma Orh Yi

arhmaohyi jiufen

Photo credit: vestigesoftime

Peanut Ice Cream

peanut ice cream jiufen

Photo credit: paulamania

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