15 Essential Tips when Travelling with Kids

15 Essential Tips when Travelling with Kids

Having children changes the dynamics of the family – in a good way – and of course, your holidays too. Your trips will never be the same again and sometimes, new parents panic at the thought of travelling as a family. Don’t worry, your trip will be equally cheery and adventurous if you stick to these tips.

You might have read “10 Best Travel Hacks”, this list is made for families with younger children.

1.    Book ahead

No more ‘last minutes’ and impromptus when you are travelling in a bigger group now. Book ahead so there will be no disappointment or too much changes in your trip – that will tire out everyone.

2.    Plan the trip with them
Planning vacations with kids

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The kids will feel involved and hence be more excited for the trip. Also, it brings greater joy to the family since everyone’s needs and interests are catered to.

3.    Prebook seats

When travelling as a family, it will be great if everyone gets to seat together; especially when your children are still young. Pre-book seats may cost more, sometimes, but it will be worth it. You won’t be that person who changes seats with everyone on the plane.

4.    Keep them busy

Keeping them busy

Kids are usually high on energy and watching only one movie on the plane might not entertain them for long. Bring along some of their favourite games – small ones, of course. This will also be useful should there be any delays during the trip.

5.    Download kids’ apps on your phone / laptop

Just in case all the games you brought gets boring for them.

6.    Bring their comfort items along

Adorable toddler taking a nap

Sometimes it’s difficult for children to adapt to a new place. Well, you don’t have to bring their favourite quilt along, just one or two stuff toys they cannot sleep without.

7.    Don’t change accommodations so frequently

New parents travelling with your young kids for the first time, remember, you are no longer travelling alone or with your partner. Changing accommodations will tire the children out very quickly, and more time spent on adapting again.

8.    Stay near the city centre

Lose some sense of adventure too. Try to get accommodations near the city centre where the malls, subway, buses, and food stalls are in the proximity. You won’t have to worry about not getting help during emergency situations too.

9.    Give your kid their own backpack

Kids carrying their own backpacks

Don’t overlook this. Not only will this make them part of the holiday, it will lighten your weight. Just a small bottle, jacket, or even some of their stuffed toys will do the magic.

10. Always fit a meeting place should anyone gets lost

Prevention is better than cure. Upon arrival at a new location, always set a location if anyone gets lost. Also, put contact information in your kids’ pockets.

11. Plan family dynamics on public transport

Family dynamics on public transports

Getting on and off public transports can be quite a feat with all your belongings and restless children. Make sure you plan how to get on and off, so no one and nothing gets left behind.

12. Kids’ medicine

Kids' medicine

What are the odds of falling sick on a 5-day trip? But well, Murphy’s Laws. Just be prepared for any kind of emergencies. You’ll never know your children’s adaptability to a new place.

13. Try to feed during landing or taking off

For parents with infants, feeding during landing or taking off will help them adjust to the change in pressure.

For parents with toddlers, having them chew on a gum might help too.

14. Take all essential items in carry-on bag

Food, diapers, medicine, games, basically everything that you might need to last through the flight.

15. Take frequent toilet breaks

Often “I don’t need to” will quickly turn to “I have to.” Children are always very caught up at the current moment, but ensure toilet breaks before starting on a new journey.


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