3 Days in Taipei, Taiwan

3 Days in Taipei, Taiwan

There are endless things to do in Taipei City, in fact the entire city is one major attraction – and needs no further introduction. You can spend your entire weekend just walking around the mecca of markets, monuments and exploring every narrow alley for a cheap, local snack. However, apart from the usual shopping and binging out, you can get a good mix of nature and city-life within three days.

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1)    Maokongshan
Mao Kong Shan

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Tucked away from the city centre and perched 300 metres above sea level, Mao Kong Shan is known for its home-grown tea. Mao Kong is an undisturbed village located at the top of a mountain providing a panoramic view of Taipei City. Strolling along the winding routes of the mountain, tea connoisseurs can enjoy the wide variety tea selection at the tea houses located on the surrounding hills.

Mao Kong Shan

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For more adventurous visitors, you can check out the hiking trails around Mao Kong Shan. The treks are relatively easy with well-built wooden steps. You can expect miniature waterfalls, and streams leading you to the local tea plantations.

2)    Elephant Mountain
Elephant mountain

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Have you always wondered what’s the best location to get a shot of the iconic Taipei 101 without straining your neck? If you want the best cityscape of Taipei City featuring Taipei 101, you will have to make a trip to Elephant Mountain.

It acts as a good work out, as you will have to ascend steep steps for approximately 20 minutes, but it is definitely worth it when Taipei 101 is just right in front of you. Make sure you head there early as it gets crowded with photographers and visitors during sunrise and sunset.

3)    Raohe Street Night Market
Raohe Street Night Market

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Raohe Street Night Market is one of the oldest night markets in Taipei and is definitely a must-visit. Although it is not as overwhelming as Shilin Night Market in size, the food choices do not pale in comparison. In fact, Raohe Street Night Market offers a more diverse range of snacks and it gets less repetitive.

Some of the stalls that you should try:

Black pepper bun

Black Pepper Bun Raohe Night Market

Photo credits: migrationology

Grilled, flavouredScallops

Grilled Scallops Raohe Market

Photo credits: ellewhyann


Mochi at Raohe Night Market

Photo credits: m4sh3d

4)    Jiufen Old Street
Jiufen Old Street

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It is no wonder that Jiufen Old Street is gaining popularity over the years and seems as though there are no longer off-peak seasons anymore. Jiufen Old Street sits atop a mountain in the Ruifang District, north of Taipei City, and makes a good day trip.

This place exudes a quaint charm and parallels Taiwan in the olden days, with red lanterns hanging out of the shop houses and brightly lit awnings. Jiufen Old Street serves a slightly different range of food so make sure you have your fill before you return to Taipei City.

a)     Peanut Ice Cream

Peanut ice cream at Jiufen

Photo credits: jingsreise

Fishball Vermicelli 

handmade fishball jiufen

Photo credit: jingsreise

Yam Pastry from Li Yi

Li Yi at Jiufen

Photo credits: cavinteo

5)    Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung

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No trip to Taipei is complete without a visit to Din Tai Fung for its legendary Xiao Long Bao. Although Singapore is also home to many of the worldwide franchises, it is still cheaper in Taiwan! You can expect up to two hours of wait, especially at the original chain on Xinyi Road, which started in 1972. However, the experience is more than pleasant when you just imagine the thick broth filling wrapped in thin-dumpling skins, without being overly greasy.

6)    Ah Chung Mee Sua @ Ximending
Ah Chung Mee Sua

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Amidst the renowned shopping street of Xi Men Ding is well-loved Ah Chung Mee Sua. You will be greeted by the throngs of customers hanging outside the shop before you even get to the shop front. At Ah Chung, there are no tables to place your food but patrons will still queue patiently to have a taste of these piping hot bowls of Mee Sua.

Don’t forget to help yourself to the chilli oil, garlic and vinegar at the corner of the shop for the full flavour!

7)    Formosa Chang
Formosa Chang

Photo credits: jingsreise

Also known as Hu Xu Zhang, this is debatably one of the best places for braised meat rice (Lu Rou Fan) among the tourists. Like the other braised meat rice in Taiwan, you won’t actually get chunks of meat with your rice but what steals the show is the fragrant sauce and pork fats that melt in your mouth.

The menu at Hu Xu Zhang is rather extensive and if you are down to try other dishes, give their shredded chicken rice a go!

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