5 Must-Do Activities in Kenting National Park, Taiwan

5 Must-Do Activities in Kenting National Park, Taiwan

Kenting is the best place to escape the hustle and bustle of Taiwan’s chaotic cities; just a few hours via High Speed Rail from the biggest cities in Taiwan, and easily reached from neighboring countries like Singapore via China Airlines’ direct flights. Immerse yourself in nature and embrace your inner daredevil in this spectacularly beautiful park in Taiwan’s southern tip.

Amazing outdoor sports activities like surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling will keep water enthusiasts and adrenaline-seekers smiling from ear to ear, while beautiful trails through gorgeous wildlife habitats will delight nature-lovers and families; there’s an activity for everyone at Kenting National Park.

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Let’s take a look at the top 5 best activities to enjoy during a trip to the park:

(Article last updated on 13 June 2017)

Learn to Surf
Pacific Ocean Coastline, Kenting, Taiwan

One of the many beaches ideal for surfing in Kenting, Taiwan

Surfing in Taiwan? Yes, really. While the islands further south of Taiwan, such as the Philippines and Indonesia may have more fame when it comes to great waves, Taiwan’s southern beaches are a strong contender, especially as a great place to learn to surf.

Jialeshuei Beach in Kenting is one of the top spots for surfing in the entire island. With great winds all year round, a variety of waves along the wide beach and facilities for hiring boards, suits and taking lessons, the beach caters to all levels of surfers.

Jialeshuei Beach in located on the east side of Kenting National Park, which is quickly reached by scooter. Transportation to and from the beach is often included in surf lessons.

Surfing pro’s will enjoy the effects of typhoon weather on the waves from May to October but beginners should be more cautious in the water during these months.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Underwater in Kenting

Underwater scuba diving in Kenting National Park

More than 60% of the worlds coral species exist in Kenting, with around 1,105 reef fish and 42 species of both stony corals and soft corals. This unique underwater ecosystem, along with the gorgeously clear and warm waters, makes Kenting one of the best places for scuba diving in Taiwan.

Beginner divers can get their Open Water qualifications in Kenting, as well as Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver level qualifications. There are lots of fantastic dive schools, with years of experience in the local waters, ready to help give new divers their first taste of underwater adventure. Andy from Taiwan Dive is a long established and recommended expert diver based in Kenting, but originally from the U.K. He is a great option if you’re looking for an English-speaking guide or instructor.

Snorkeling in Kenting is also fantastic, and if you don’t have your own equipment, there are plenty of rental shacks around the park where you can pick up some gear for the day. Frog Rock and Sail Rock are popular spots for snorkeling due to the rocky, flat coastline.

Hiking the Trails
Beautiful hikes in Kenting National Park, Taiwan

Beautiful hikes in Kenting National Park, Taiwan

Walking around the trails of Kenting is one of the best ways to experience the full beauty and grandeur of the park. There are some spectacular trails in different parts of the park, including the Forest Recreation Area and the Sheding Nature Park.

The Forest Recreation Area has a lot of beautiful paved walkways, taking you through tropical vegetation, natural habitats of insects and other wildlife, and stunning limestone caves.

Allow at least 3 hours to explore the trails at a leisurely pace, as the area is also home to some unique sights such as the Valley of Hanging Banyan, the Fairy Cave and the Silver Dragon Cave. The town of Kenting is located just a few minutes by car from the park, so it’s a good place to stop for lunch.

Sheding Nature Park’s diversity is impressive, with coral reef valleys, limestone caves and vast, lush grasslands covering the area. The park is also a mecca for butterfly watching with many indigenous species in the area, so don’t forget your camera.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in Kenting

Kenting’s ecosystem is extremely accommodating to a range of interesting bird species such as eagles and hawks. Bird-watching has also grown in popularity in Kenting because the area’s unique relationship with migratory birds.

The best time to enjoy bird watching in Kenting is during autumn and winter, when many bird species from northern countries can be spotted enjoying the warmer climate of Kenting. The most spectacular and coveted event to witness is, of course, the mass migration of these species of birds to Taiwan during autumn and winter.  It is in mid-September when the birds appear in tens of thousands, filling the sky with their mass, that is the best time to witness this spectacle.

Relax in Hot Springs

Road to the sea in Kenting

Kenting is home to one of Taiwan’s best natural hot springs; the Sihjhongsi Hot Springs, just 10 minutes from Checheng.

The hot springs are inspired by Japanese-style hot springs, and were made famous by a visit from Japanese Emperor Hirohito when he was serving as Crown Prince. There are a few other springs in the area, and lots of nice hotels where you can stay during the visit.

Blending the perfect mix of nature with luxury, in the beautiful, calming surroundings of Kenting, a trip to the hot springs is a great way to unwind and ease sore muscles after a few days of adventurous activities in the park.

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