Books to Prepare Kids for Air Travel

Books to Prepare Kids for Air Travel

Planning to go for your first airplane trip with your toddler can be exciting but also nail-biting experience. We’ve all experienced flights with crying children (or worse, screaming children) with the parents frantically trying to calm their children down with everyone around giving them angry looks. Yet, some of these can be mitigated with just a little early planning and education.

We’ve sourced out a short list of 5 toddler books that can be used to help teach your children about the concept of air travel and also what they would experience in the airport and the airplane. In an effort to prevent the kids from a big shock that is totally different from their normal routines, these books can help to introduce them to air travel and thus prepare them for the trip.

1) Going on a Plane (First Experiences)

2) My First Airplane Ride

3) Airplane Flight!: A Lift-the-Flap Adventure

4) My Plane Trip (Dover Coloring Books)

5) Richard Scarry’s A Day at the Airport

If you have any tips to share on traveling with kids and toddlers (from changing diapers on flights, to calming kids down on take-off/landing), do share it on our Forum post as well!



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