Okinawa Corporate Games 2015

Okinawa Corporate Games 2015

Okinawa Corporate Games

The first weekend of March 2015 was nothing short of excitement and merry-making as the prefecture hosts the first ever Okinawa Corporate Games. The quaint little island endowed with rich culture, beautiful scenery, and endless stretches of azure beaches holds the 4-day international event.

Corporate Games is a multi-sport festival that was first held in San Francisco in 1988 and has since been experienced around the world with 170 games held in 60 cities around the world today. All these years, over 22,500 unique organisations had participated in the Corporate Games, such as Deloitte, KPMG, Fujitsu, and Ernst & Young among many others.

Purpose and Benefits 

The purpose of Corporate Games goes beyond sports and fitness. No doubt it aims at keeping fit amidst the otherwise believed stale corporate lives, it hinges on team building, camaraderie and rapport between co-workers. This event provides the perfect opportunity to generate confidence and loyalty within employees; giving the company something to look forward to.


Corporate Games emphasises on equality – the true spirit of games and sportsmanship – where everyone is a winner. The podium for prize presentation is completely flat since the first games in San Francisco. It is believed that the core of sports and peace is based on mutual trust, and this trust will lead to stronger bond between the contestants.

Though transient, this weekend had secured outstanding memories as well as some new friends; creating new customers as participating companies gain international recognition for their brands.


Okinawa makes the perfect destination for Corporate Games; providing a unique experience for spectators and contestants of the 15 categories – Badminton, Basketball, Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Open Water Swimming, Dragonboat, Golf, just to name a few.


Open Swimming


Start of marathon race

Witnessed an enthusiastic crowd gird their loins and charge into a healthy and friendly battle at scenic locations such as Araha Beach, Onna Village, Ginowan Seaside Park, and Ginowan City Gym.


Dragon boat race

Besides the games held in the day, the first night kick started the event with the flamboyant Grand Parade at the prominent American Village in Chatan, and ended the second night with a Closing Award Celebration at the outdoor beach party at Sunset Beach.


Okinawa Corporate Games Grand Parade


Okinawa Corporate Games Closing Ceremony

Be part of the unique Corporate Games – the ultimate mix of sport, business and tourism.


The Writer’s trip was sponsored by the Okinawa Convention and Visitors’s Bureau and the Okinawa Tourist Service


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