Quick Travel Guide: Singapore to Bangkok

Quick Travel Guide: Singapore to Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and with a population of over eleven million in the city, it is the largest city in Thailand by far. Bangkok brings to mind an image of naughty nightlife and traffic congestion but don't let the first impression mislead you, there's a reason why Singapore travelers love to keep traveling to Bangkok for their holidays! The city is famous for great food and great shopping all at great prices. Even our friends at Thai Airways Singapore routinely go to Bangkok every year for a getaway! If you're thinking of traveling to Bangkok for your holiday, we've got some travel facts for you right here!


Four full-service airlines operate scheduled flights between Singapore and Bangkok.

Singapore Airlines operates 35 flights/week.

Thai Airways operates 32 flights/week.

Cathay Pacific operates 7 flight/week.

Ethiopian Airlines operates 3 flights/week.

Flight Time

If you’re coming from Singapore – Changi Airport, the flight will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Getting Around

Bangkok has a number of subway lines called BTS, MRT, ARL and BRT (kind of like Singapore's expressways. Now got MCE also). The most common lines that you will likely use is BTS and MRT. Here is a full size Bangkok Metro Map.

Getting your ticket is very easy, just get it from the vending machines at the station. English signs are available throughout the trains and stations.

Taxis' are quick and comfortable but be careful of scams. Taxi drivers in Bangkok are notorious for running up fares, insisting on broken meters or claiming that your hotel destination is closed, full or burned down recently. In our opinion...take the train.

Getting from the Airport:
You can take the Airport Rail Link (ARL) which will take you from the airport to Makkasan (where you can change to the MRT Blue Line) and Phaya Thai (where you can change to BTS Sukhumvit Line). It takes about 15 minutes and costs 190 THB.

Bangkok Metro Map

Electricity and Plugs

The electrical outlets in Bangkok and Thailand provide the standard 220V and utilize the Type A and C plugs.

Currency Exchange

Currently, 1 SGD is about 26 THB (Thai Baht)

You can refer to Yahoo Currency for the latest update on Forex currency rates.


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