Quick Travel Guide: Singapore to Ho Chi Minh

Quick Travel Guide: Singapore to Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh - Symbol of War and Peace

Ho Chi Minh was once known as Saigon and was the capital of South Vietnam. Following the end of the Vietnam War and the reunification of Vietnam, Saigon was renamed for Vietnam's most revered leader - Ho Chi Minh. These days, Ho Chi Minh is a bustling and dynamic city popular among Singapore travelers for a different travel experience from the regular shopping cities. Just 2 hours from Singapore, if you're thinking of traveling to Ho Chi Minh for your holiday, we've got some travel facts for you right here!


There are two airlines operating scheduled flights between Singapore and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon).

Singapore Airlines operates 14 flights/week.

Vietnam Airlines operates 21 flights/week.

Flight Time

If you’re coming from Singapore – Changi Airport, the flight will take about 2 hours to reach Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh)

Getting Around and Where to Stay

Taxis are the most comfortable way of getting around Ho Chi Minh. Always ensure that taxi drivers use their meter and they turn it out at the start of the journey. Drivers speak limited English so it's a good idea to have your destination written in Vietnamese. Reliable Taxi Companies are Mai Linh and Vinasun (not the spelling and watch out for fakes).

Taxis from the airport to the city centre would cost about USD$10 and take about 15 minutes in light traffic to an hour in heavier traffic.

Where to Stay:
There are mid-range hotels near the Ben Thanh market and upscale hotels near the Opera House.

Electricity and Plugs

The electrical outlets in Ho Chi Minh, and throughout Vietnam, provide the standard 220V and use the A and C type plugs.

Currency Exchange

Currently, SGD 1 is about 16,600 VND (Vietnamese Dong)

You can refer to Yahoo Currency for the latest update on Forex currency rates.


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