Ricoh Theta S – Review

Ricoh Theta S – Review

Summary of the Ricoh Theta S:

The Ricoh Theta S camera is an excellent starting camera to take 360 photos and videos and these can also be viewed in Virtual Reality using your phone, the Theta App and a Google Cardboard viewer. The camera is small enough to fit in your pocket and be easily carried around for trips and holidays. Despite some drawback for images and video quality, it is worth it for the price.

Ricoh Theta S - Easy to Use

Form Factor:

  • The Ricoh Theta S fits easily in your pocket
  • It’s remarkably easy to take photos and videos with one hand


  • There are two ways to take photos and videos. The first is manually “Point and Shoot” using the button on the camera itself (See image on the right). The second is to download the Theta S App. Using the Theta S app, you can connect via Wifi to the camera (it’s a unique wifi connection to the camera) and from the app, you can remotely take photos and videos.
  • Manually, the camera is ridiculously easy to use. There are only two buttons you’d need to know about. One is for toggling between photo and video, and the other (the big one) to take the shot. However, there is an inevitable selfie whenever you take a photo like this. This is OK if you are super confident of your looks. But even then, it would be a bit odd when viewing the image/video in VR as your face will be very close (arms length) to the camera. That would affect the “virtual reality” experience. The selfie issue would naturally be an issue with all 360 cameras by virtue of the fact that it is 360.
  • Through the App, you can set it up using a Tripod, Monopod or Selfie stick and then connect to the camera via Wifi and the Theta app. Hence, it’s easy enough to use, but somewhat cumbersome to set up, particularly when you are in a rush to take the perfect shot/video.
  • Wireless: The wireless is pretty good and easy to use. A unique Wifi connection to the camera is used to transfer images and videos from the camera to your phone. Videos (usually 100MB or more) will take a while to transfer.

Ricoh Theta S camera controls

Ricoh Theta S camera controls

Image Quality:

  • On the Ricoh Theta website, the photo image quality is stated as 14 Megapixel. The video data is captured in full HD (1920×1080) resolution.
  • In real life, it doesn’t look very High-Definition. However, outdoors in bright light, the image and video quality is pretty good. Indoors, it is reasonably acceptable.
  • Just for taking cool 360 photos and videos on your trip or with your kids at home, this camera is more than suitable.




The price is about $USD 350. It fluctuates a little bit, check out the latest, lowest price here.


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