Sentosa Staycation for Families

Sentosa Staycation for Families

It’s the school holidays again – the kids are going stir-crazy being at home all day, and more importantly, you are going crazy trying to keep them entertained. You want to get everyone out, but even buying just the flights for the whole family can be a painful business. Staycations are a great solution for a quick and affordable get-away, and if you have kids in tow, you’ll never run out of things to do in Sentosa.

Staycations for every budget

The price tag of your stay-cation depends wholly on where you want to stay. If you’re on a budget, the Siloso Beach Resort is a great hotel for a family stay because of its affordable price and great location.

Siloso Beach is great for families - and has plenty of free activities to boot

Siloso Beach is great for families – and has plenty of free activities to boot

The Siloso Beach Resort will only set you back about $200-300 a room and has favourite reviews on the whole. Plus, Siloso Beach has more than enough to keep the whole family busy. An adventurous soul may want to try to MegaZip, where you whizz on a wire across stunning views of the beach; or the Luge, an exciting downhill go-carting track. If hurtling through the air or down a hill is not your idea of fun, there are plenty of more leisurely activities to do on Siloso – chilling out over a cool drink at one of Siloso’s many beach-side clubs, for instance. Places like Azzura Beach Club and Mambo Beach Club even have swimming pools, so you can keep an eye on your kids splashing in the pool without having to leave the comfy lounge chair.

The best things are free

If you’re on a tight budget and all these activities sound expensive, we hear you. Though Sentosa has a reputation for being pricey, there are also plenty of things to do on the island for free. Siloso Beach has a few volleyball courts, where you can stage a family tournament (just remember to bring your own ball!) Or take a tram ride down to Palawan Amphitheatre to enjoy the three animal shows daily –  lory feeding at the Bird Aviary, Teach us Wild, and On the Wild Side. The shows run from 2pm to 5.30pm.

Resorts World Sentosa frequently offers bundle package for hotels and attractions

Resorts World Sentosa frequently offers bundle package for hotels and attractions

Living it up

Of course, Sentosa is known for its luxury resorts. For example, the 5 star Resorts World Sentosa – Hard Rock Hotel is a great option, considering it’s right next door to attractions like the Trick-eye museum, Universal Studios, Adventure Cove and the S.E.A. Aquarium. It goes for about $400-600 a night, and though most of the rooms in the Hard Rock Hotel are made for 2 adults, you can ask to bring in an extra bed for a child. The swimming pool at the Hard Rock Hotel is also very unique, with half the pool done up like a beach with soft, fine sand. You can see a 360 photo of the Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool here. The Hard Rock is only one of many hotels around Resorts World, but these Hotels are a bit pricier. You do get what you pay for though, as they are mostly 5 star hotels with stellar reviews on TripAdvisor, and RWS often offers packages which include entrance to its attractions in the price of a room.

In-house activities for kids
Who doesn't love a ball pit?

Who doesn’t love a ball pit?

If you’d still like a taste of the beach life, then perhaps you’d consider Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa. Right at the end of Siloso Beach, the Rasa Sentosa is more secluded, with exclusive beachfront reserved for hotel guests. Rooms go for $400-500 a night, but you will have to pay for an extra bed as the rooms are strictly for 2 adults. Don’t let that turn you off the Rasa Sentosa however, because they’ve got several beautiful pools, including a kid’s pool with water slides. In fact, the Rasa Sentosa really will spoil your kids with their Tree House Play Zone (complete with slide and ball pit), Cool Zone (furnished with sofas, a TV and game consoles), and Crafts Corner. Try not to be too jealous when you drop them off.

So next time you find yourself scouring the Internet for cheap tickets for a family vacation, maybe you can look much closer to home. It may not have the same prestige as flying to Europe (or even Phuket, for that matter) but it is definitely friendlier on your pocket and is still a terrific place for family time. Besides, as long as there’s a pool involved, chances are your kids won’t notice the difference.

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