Taiwan Day Trip Guide: Taipei to Keelung

Taiwan Day Trip Guide: Taipei to Keelung

One must-do day trip when visiting the capital city of Taipei, is a visit to Keelung City. Located just 40 mins drive from Taipei; it is easily accessible and simple to travel between the two cities. Trains and buses run regularly from Taipei to Keelung, with the train taking just 45 minutes. If you do take the train just make sure to check that its bound for Keelung and not Taitung, as tourists frequently end up on the wrong train since they are not very well marked. 

Keelung is a vibrant yet small port city and one of the most important trade centers in Taiwan. Situated along the north coast of Taiwan, Keelung enjoys a refreshing sea breeze and plenty of fresh seafood! But what else is there to do on a day trip to Keelung?

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Things To Do In Keelung
Keelung, just north of Taipei

Keelung City and Harbor in the distance

The harbor in Keelung is quite nice and worth exploring. Enjoy the fresh air, grab a mango shaved ice and take it all in. The harbor is huge so it will take you an hour or two to walk around the whole area.

Next, head to Zhingzheng National Park to see the harbor from above. Be warned though, the climb to the top of this hill is quite steep with hundreds of steps making their way up to a 22.5-meter high statue of Guanyin.

Another good option is to visit the Ershawn Fort in Yizheng Park, which requires a further steep climb, so make sure to pace yourself and wear good hiking shoes! The fort was built by the Qing Government in 1840 and also has beautiful views of the harbor from the top.

Perhaps one of the strangest attractions in Keelung is the Statue of Liberty replica located near the Golden Arches. Although it seems very out of place, it has become somewhat of an ironic attraction for tourists visiting the city.

What to Eat in Keelung
Food Hawkers, Keelung, Taiwan (photo credit Chris Jenner)

One of Keelung’s many Night Markets

When you’re stomach starts growling after all the uphill climbing, there’s only one place to go; the Keelung Night Market. This market is well organized, clean and excellent value with an abundance of fresh seafood, local snacks and Taiwanese specialties on offer.

Make sure to try baked crab and fish ball soup, two classic favorites in Keelung. Bubble tea is a very popular drink in Keelung and is widely available across the city.

Another must-have food experience in Keelung is at the famous Lee Hu Pastry Shop founded in 1882. The bakery, one of the oldest and most popular in Keelung, can be found at No. 90, Rensan Rd in the Ren-ai District.

golden sunshine of Keelung City

The beautiful beaches north of Keelung

If you want to extend your visit to Keelung into a weekend rather than just a day trip, then make the most of it by visiting the beautiful northeast coast of Taiwan. There is also a beach between the Waimu Shan Fishery Harbor and Aoditong Village which is definitely worth a visit for its laid-back vibe and gorgeous views. The northeast coast of Taiwan is the perfect place to relax for a weekend before returning to the big city of Taipei.



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